#IwannaSpend2016Naked with KENDRA LUST!

Kendra Lust is one of the smartest people exploiting the advantages of the social media multi-verse, a seriously sexy
big boobied small town girl from Michigan who continues to be one of the hottest performers in adult film. Now, the
bootylicious brunette has opened her own management agency for fellow adult performers, called Society 15. Kendra
commented, “I do know I can’t be in front of the camera forever .. So wanna do things to set up my future ... I wanna help girls in the biz that wanna make this a business and make some $ so they don’t walk away with nothing when it’s over .. Wanna teach the new girls .. Save their $ help them make right choices .. Not sure if they will listen but I’ll do my best!"

Not to mention, she's very publicly hot for the Bella Twins and a self-proclaimed #PaulHeymanGirl. This woman knows how to impress!

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