Jennifer Lopez rocked the look made famous by fellow attention whore Angelina Jolie, and we can all grab a big bottle of lotion since according to Pitbull, it's JLO who inspired CBS to send out a memo telling performers to adhere to Network standards in terms of their dress code.

JLO arrived in a black gown with a slit all the way up to her hip, leaving her entire right leg exposed. And you know Angelina was just looking at that and saying "you un-original bitch!"

As a presenter, it was just barely within CBS' standards rules. "As you can see, I read the memo,"  JLO  joked as she took the mic to announce the best pop solo performance Grammy along with Pitbull. The Grammys couldn't resist showing the infamous Versace gown Lopez wore in 2000, which had a neckline that extended down to her belly button and lead to me just freakin' hating Sean Combs for years.

Her "To The Floor" collaborator (yes, I am taking about Pit)  praised her outfit, as did Drake, who, seated in the audience, had an expression that said it all.

"You look gorgeous, and you inspired the memo," Pitbull told JLO in front of the world.

Hey, Jennifer, this stupid boyfriend of yours needs to go. Tweet me and I'll be your love slave forever!

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